Buy Shares / Business Information

From the 12th March to 28th April 2017, we held a Community Share Offer, inviting all residents and friends of New Galloway to buy shares in New Galloway Community Enterprises Ltd and invest in the social future of New Galloway. The target of £20,000 was set as our contribution to the grant secured from the Big Lottery fund of £808,000 towards the project. In the end, we broke our target and raised a fantastic £24,000 towards the project.

The Share Offer is now closed, but New Galloway Community Enterprises remains open to new members, especially residents of New Galloway. Each share costs £10 and you can buy up to 200. You will then become a Member of NGCE Ltd and will have made a valuable donation to the social future of New Galloway.

There are various important aspects to buying shares that you should know before you invest. All details are in our Share Offer Brochure – download it here: NGCE Brochure.

We want to assure you that your investment will be well used. Download our business plan, as assured by Community Shares Scotland, here: 170225 NGCE Business Plan Final

Download our 2015/16 accounts here:NGCE Final Accounts 2015-16

If you decide to invest, please download an application form here: NGCE Application form. Return it and your payment (cheques made payable to New Galloway Community Enterprises Ltd) to any member of staff within the shop.

You will find Minutes of the Management Committee (Board) of New Galloway Community Enterprises Ltd here: Management Committee Minutes