New Galloway Community Enterprises Ltd (NGCE) is a community benefit company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA registration number 7143.

Community Benefit companies, or BenComs, are a modern form of Industrial and Provident Societies. They are community owned and community run and can trade solely for the benefit of the community. All profits must be re-invested in the community.

The NGCE constitution is known as the “Model Rules”  NGCE Ltd Model Rules 180226

The NGCE Management Committee (Board) is comprised of 9 members, elected by the Members of the Society at an AGM or SGM or co-opted. Board Members must be Members of the Society. At least 50 per cent of the Board Members must live in the community, defined by the boundary of the Royal Burgh of New Galloway and Kells Community Council.

The current membership of the Board (as established at the AGM on 1 March 2018) is:

  • Mike Brown, Chair  [2020]
  • Jean Marsden, Vice-chair [2020]
  • Dawn Spernagel, Treasurer [2020]
  • Margaret Watson, Secretary [2020]
  • David Briggs [2020]
  • Emma Harnett [2020]
  • Jon Nimmo  [2021]
  • Christine Rankin  [2021]
  • Joan Walker [2021]

The year date in square brackets is the year of the AGM at which the incumbent’s 3-year term terminates.

The NGCE Management Committee (Board) has established a number of protocols guiding the conduct of its activites and its members:

NGCE Code of Conduct

NGCE Conflict of Interest protocol 171102