AGM 2020

The Annual General Meeting of New Galloway Community Enterprises Ltd (NGCE) will take place at 7.30 pm on Thursday 5th March 2020 in the Upper Hall of New Galloway Town Hall.

Members and non-Members are welcome to attend and hear about our progress, ask questions and discuss our future plans (although non-Members are unable to vote).

The agenda for the AGM and the Financial Statement and Annual Report for the year to 30th September 2019 will be published here on 2nd March.

Appointing Proxies

Members who are unable to attend may appoint another Member as a Proxy to attend, speak and vote on their behalf. You can download a Proxy form here: NGCE AGM Proxy Form

Nominating Members to the Management Committee (Board)

Of the nine members of the NGCE Management Committee (‘the Board’), five have completed their three-year terms. We are therefore looking for nominations of people to serve on the Board. Please consider whether you can support the work of NGCE and help shape its future direction by agreeing to be nominated, or nominating someone else to stand. You can download a Nomination Form here: NGCE Nomination Form

Please note the closing date for the submission of completed Nomination Forms is 6.00 pm, Monday 2nd March. Instructions for submitting applications are provided on the form. Candidate Statements: In the past, people nominated for Board membership have been invited to speak to the AGM describing the experience, skills and qualifications they can bring to the post and reasons for standing. The Board recognises that some people might find this difficult and be deterred from standing, although this information is relevant to Members appointing Board members to act on their behalf. The Board has therefore amended the Standing Orders to include the submission of a short statement by each candidate with their Nomination which will be circulated to Members in advance. This means the information will also be available to Members appointing Proxies.

Amendments to the NGCE Rules (Constitution)

In the interest of good Governance, the NGCE Board has a policy of reviewing the Society’s rules, policies and protocols on a rolling two-year programme. Following a review of the Rules in November 2019 the Board is recommending two amendments to the Rules for consideration at the 2020 AGM. A two-thirds majority of Members attending is required to approve any changes. NGCE Proposed Amendments